Rockies Edge Permaculture – 13



Looking for a PDC in Colorado? This one is shaping up nicely. Awesome instructors with loads of experience with all sorts of specialty areas. I had a wonderful time talking with them, and hope to have them on for solo interviews in the future.

Links – PDC – Elevate your awareness. – Mike Wird – Regernative Lifestyles / Denver Earth Ship – We are committed to standing up to protect the Earth, Water, Air and Atmosphere so our generation, and those to follow, inherit a healthy, just and sustainable planet. We are focusing on weaving together the synergy of individual grassroots youth driven projects around the globe, to create one international, intergenerational movement for effective change.

Scott Pittman – Episode 12 – Pedagogy of Permaculture.


Scott Pittman - Permaculture Institute

In this episode Scott discusses the pedagogy of Permaculture and how stellar of a teacher Bill Mollison was.
Some of the subjects we hit are:

  • How A few days into the class we can see that people seem to pass the threshold of plausible deniability.
  • John Taylor GattoDumbing Us Down
  • How permaculture self selects some of the best people of our culture.
  • People in the classes are looking for another way to live than the cubicle.
  • Indigenous Central Americans attending Permaculture classes.
  • Talent show being dropped from some PDCs.
  • The magic of a PDC that allows participants to drop some of the normal trappings of our culture.
  • The revolutionary quality of Permaculture.
  • Is the next generation the group who will bring in the new paradigm?
  • Building a Permaculture Nation – Bill Mollison
  • Criticisms of online PDCs
  • Using Non-Profits to the advantage of Permaculturalists.

Read more about Scott and his work here.