Faan Rossouw – Episode 7 – Amazonian Permaculture


Paititi Institute

This episode features Permaculturalist Faan Rossouw who studied under Geoff Lawton recently in Australia. We spoke while Faan was in Peru awaiting travel to Quebec to study at McGill University. We speak at length about the intersection of Ecology, Permaculture and Shamanic medicines.

The Paititi Institute for the Preservation of the Amazon Rainforest & Indigenous Culture is a Peruvian based non-profit organization dedicated to supporting a harmonious and abundant life through the integration of ancient wisdom into modern practical resolution of today’s challenges. The institute is currently based on 100 acres in the Maynas Province of the Loreto Region of Peru in the rainforest between the city of Iquitos and the village of Nauta, and is the base for our cornerstone projects — Natural Medicine Center, Institute for Indigenous Studies and Permaculture Education Center.

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Faan on Permaculture Global
Paititi Institute – Peru
Paititi Institute – Permaculture Global

Vine in the Amazon - Paititi Institute


2 thoughts on “Faan Rossouw – Episode 7 – Amazonian Permaculture

  1. Kelly Ware Whipple

    I really enjoy your interviews! Great job! You wanted to connect with some of Sepp Holzer’s crew for an interview. In Montana some of the guys from the first project of Sepp’s started a certification process for Sepps work for Americans. Zach Weiss of Perpetual Green has done a lot of work and study with Sepp’s info. He does presentations at the local inland Northwest Permaculture Convergences. his # is 802-6**-****. Also, Michael Billington is the farm manager at the Place of Gathering, Sepp’s site. He has an eloquent way of speaking and is very observant. His # is 406-27*-****.
    I am working on a presentation called Permaculture and the Kingdom, the importance of educating Christian Missions groups and local churches about permaculture. Christians are one of the bigggest outreaching forces to improve communities worldwide, and permaculture principles are parallel to the church and to the calling as good stewards. They have the networks and just need the information and coaching.
    Thanks for your great work!
    Kelly Ware, Permaculture Montana on FB


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