Jason Gerhardt – Episode 5 – Water, Fire and Education.


Jason GerhardtToday on the show we have Jason Gerhardt, a permaculture designer and teacher currently based out of Naropa University in Boulder, CO. The show released on June 28th 2013. The interview was recorded on June 25th at Naropa University. Here is a short biography of Jason from the Naropa website.

Jason Gerhardt has been applying permaculture design in diverse bioregions from the deserts of Arizona to the fresh water lakes of New York since 2005. Jason holds a BA in Sustainable Design as well as a Diploma in the fields of Permaculture Design and Education. As an emerging voice of permaculture in the U.S, he is known for extensive knowledge of plant ecology, rainwater harvesting, agricultural biodiversity preservation, and integrated ecological design. Jason’s background includes the development of a bioregional seed business, creating sustainable food production systems, and working with community groups to apply permaculture principles on a range of scales from community gardens to conservation organizations. Jason currently teaches a permaculture certificate program for Naropa University and instructs at numerous workshops, courses, and conferences throughout the US. He has taught for many well-respected organizations including Denver Botanic Gardens, Prescott College, Permaculture Institute USA, and the U.S EPA. Jason practices ecological design professionally through Real Earth Design on scales ranging from 40 acres to small city yards.

Jason on the Permaculture Institute Page http://www.permaculture.org/nm/index.php/site/teaching_team

4 thoughts on “Jason Gerhardt – Episode 5 – Water, Fire and Education.

  1. Arina Pittman

    Enjoyed your podcast – we know Jason and respect his work, focus, approach! Thank you for featuring him. I wonder if I might interest you in featuring Permaculture Institute’s work developing and establishing Permaculture Diploma standards. Jason is one of our diplomats. Would like to hear from you about this, please contact me.
    Arina Pittman, Permaculture Institute/ Lots of Life in One Place Farm
    New Mexico

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