Scott Pittman – Episode 9 – Permaculture History and Standards


While visiting Scott Pittman at his home in New Mexico, we spoke about the history of Permaculture and how standards in Permaculture education have been a constant part of the dialog between Permaculture educators. Some people are teaching PDCs that have less than 72 contact hours, and we should really be discussing if this is adequate. There is a place for education of this type, but we really shouldn’t be calling it a PDC because it dilutes the credibility of courses that most other people are teaching.
In future episode we talk more about the Permaculture Institute’s Diploma program, and how this is going to impact the world of Permaculture.

Scott’s Bio on
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Nate Ayers – Episode 8 – Chiwara Permaculture in Michigan


Chiwara Permaculture - Michigan

Nate Ayers and I get into all sorts of great subject areas in this interview.

We talk about his design and research firm Chiwara Permaculture, His recently completed project in Highland Park adjacent to Detroit. This site is next to where Henry Ford built the first Model T factories. We discuss post-industrial Permaculture design, and it’s importance for the future. Nate’s Chiwara house in Ann Arbor down the road from the University of Michigan. We discuss briefly ‘Peak College’ (possibly coined by Extra Environmentalist), and advantages and disadvantages of funding permaculture design research through University systems.

I was sick while recording the interview, so many apologies. I also had some PC issues lately, and am not using my normal software or hardware, so sorry for any editing or lesser audio quality in this episode.



Chiwara Permaculture

Michigan Permaculture Convergence