Scott Pittman – Episode 12 – Pedagogy of Permaculture.


Scott Pittman - Permaculture Institute

In this episode Scott discusses the pedagogy of Permaculture and how stellar of a teacher Bill Mollison was.
Some of the subjects we hit are:

  • How A few days into the class we can see that people seem to pass the threshold of plausible deniability.
  • John Taylor GattoDumbing Us Down
  • How permaculture self selects some of the best people of our culture.
  • People in the classes are looking for another way to live than the cubicle.
  • Indigenous Central Americans attending Permaculture classes.
  • Talent show being dropped from some PDCs.
  • The magic of a PDC that allows participants to drop some of the normal trappings of our culture.
  • The revolutionary quality of Permaculture.
  • Is the next generation the group who will bring in the new paradigm?
  • Building a Permaculture Nation – Bill Mollison
  • Criticisms of online PDCs
  • Using Non-Profits to the advantage of Permaculturalists.

Read more about Scott and his work here.

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