Scotty Kellogg – Episode 3 – Your City as an Ecosystem


Sustain - RUSTWelcome back. Episode 3 is here featuring Scotty Kellogg. A short episode but packed with info about his upcoming book tentatively titled “Your City as an Ecosystem”. Scott co-wrote the book Toolbox for Sustainable City Living with Stacey Pettigrew. He did a substantial amount of work with the Rhizome Collective in Austin Texas. Now located in Albany, Scott is working full time on the Radix Center. A site that maintains a year round bioshelter designed for education and research purposes. Check it out and pick up a copy of his book if you like what you hear.

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2 thoughts on “Scotty Kellogg – Episode 3 – Your City as an Ecosystem

  1. Andrew Flynn

    I would like to hear a podcast with Jared Woodcock who is one of the formost experts on permaculture design in the northeast. Would you like me to forward his contact information to you? I think he has a tracfone so don’t text.

    1. permaculturesalad Post author

      Andrew, We met at the Windham World Cup a few years back. I’m certainly hoping to have Jared on the show in the near future. I should see what I can put together in the next few weeks w him. -Joe


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